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Destroy enemy fleets protecting resource rich worlds to gain planet resources and income for your own fleet. Employ your own flavor of strategy by building a fleet of fighters of your choosing. Define ship stats and place unique weapon systems on ship designs or build a fleet of pre-made fighters from conquered worlds. Ten unique ship models are available from which to build your armada. Buy and sell ships to improve fleet and increase your cruiser bay capacity to increase fleet size. New ship types, missions and weapons are periodically added to game with updates. Take decisive action during battles by commanding fighters and using ship special abilities. Launch volleys of rockets from your cruiser at critical moments to deal a devastating blow to your enemies fleet. Activate your cruisers Shield to get through those moments of terror when multiple enemy fighters come knocking on your doorstep. Some weapons include Particle Beams, Blasters, Mines and Missile Launchers. Upgrade your battle cruiser launch bay to deploy your fighters faster and get a jump on your opponent. Upgrade the speed at which your fighters are repaired to keep them cycling back into battle. Upgrade your ships to handle any punishment enemy fleets try to deal out. Make tactical decisions by determining what order your fighters will be launched in. Use upgrade to commandeer remaining enemy fighters at the end of a battle to deploy with your own fleet or sell for credits. Command your fighters to focus their fire. Commands enable player to clean up enemy fighters or strike the enemy cruiser at the optimum moment to achieve victory. Command fighters to regroup around your cruiser and send them all in on a simultaneous strafing run over enemy cruiser to deal a destructive blow and emerge from the melee victorious.

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