Space Travel – Live Wallpaper


This wallpaper is not using OpenGL and the GPU. If you want the 3d version (runs much smoother on most devices) please have a look at Space Travel 3D Live Wallpaper.A live wallpaper that takes you on a journey through space. Configurable from a classic 8-bit star field (well known windows screen saver) with pixel stars to 3d spheres in different colors or a star trek like warp speed where the stars turn to lines. Choose the speed, size, number of stars etc.For the initial period all features will be free. If it gets enough downloads the customizable features will be locked up and the possibility to unlock it through in-app billing (for minimum fee) will be added. Leaving the wallpaper with a free classic star field, and giving the options to buy warp speed, 3d-spheres and settings for speed, size and star count.

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