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full-featured 3d-modeling softwaredesigned for tablets & smartphonesviewing / drawing & constructing / polygon & patch modeling / texturing / 3d-paintingefficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughoutadapts to almost any Android-device, highly configurableFEATURES:•change the view while drawing or modeling, using multi-touch or by tilting your device -up to 4 touch-points, gyroscope / accelerometer•toggle wireframe, shading, textures, lighting, x-ray; hide objects / faces•draw freehand-lines, CAD-polylines & splines in 3d, combine them to arbitrary complex networks -rotate the construction-plane while drawing -intuitively adjust splines via anchor-points & handles, using multi-touch•create rectangles, grids, boxes, polygons, prisms, pyramids, discs, cylinders, cones, tori, spheres, helices -change various parameters -align them to surfaces•select & transform any number of vertices, edges, faces or objects -preview highlight -multi-touch lasso & paint selection -select paths, loops, rings, connected, border, outline -grow/shrink, invert, convert selections -soft selection•move simultaneously in all spatial directions, using two fingers•rotate freely around all 3 axes, scale, flip objects -individual / common pivot•snap to a 3d-grid, points, lines or faces•link objects hierarchically•create copies, instances & arrays•model arbitrary complex polygon meshes, manifold or not -normals, colors & UVs are retained•weld vertices (center / target / auto), merge or collapse faces & edges•extrude or bridge edges & faces•subdivide regularly, insert edge loops or “draw” edges•detach, split, slice•chamfer edges & corners•"inflate" lines or edges to pipes -at branchings, the simplest possible joints are created, yielding contiguous manifold surfaces•"thicken" surfaces to solids -create manifold objects even from ramified constructs•create "patch-surfaces" from spline-networks -2-, 3-, 4-sided patches -adjust them via control-points & handles, using multi-touch -create smooth surfaces, creases & cusps -mix patches with polygon-meshes •place directional-, point- & spot-lights -adjust color, ambient / diffuse intensity, decay, cone-angle & -falloff •define materials: diffuse & specular color, shininess, emission, transparency, texture•assign them to whole object or individual faces•assign vertex-colors to faces, edges, vertices, creating gradients•view & edit normals•map textures using planar, box, cylindrical or spherical projection, or face / wrap mapping•adjust the maps directly in the 3d-viewpot, split or weld UVs•use your own images, or the included library of over 100 varied materials -adjust & crop the images -use transparency•create procedural textures: gradient, tile, checker, clouds, turbulence•paint directly on surfaces in the 3d-viewport -brushes with custom, possibly colorful tip images -change spacing, scatter, rotation, squish… -various brushes are included, new ones can be defined -paint over different objects -many blending modes -paint transparency -apply effects by painting -stamp decals / patterns -project textures by painting -smudge -clone -erase to history -magic-wand- & face-selection •move, resize & zoom "windows" using multi-touch gestures•choose any color with one grip by moving in the 3d color-space with two fingers•change the colors & sizes of the interface, pointer, vertices, edges… •import & export .obj files incl. materials, textures, normals*•undo any operation, save the full construction-history to a file*•a status-bar shows hints for using the tools•a detailed user manual is available, covering all of Spacedraw’s functions~ to start using Spacedraw, follow the Quick start tutorial, available at ~~ watch the video in at least 480p to make all details discernible ~* the free version only saves / exports scenes with up to 1000 vertices, and no history

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