SpaceTrap UCCW skin


This HD skin is editable (colors, hotspots) :)REQUIREDUCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) free.Before Downloading this skin, make sure UCCW 2.1.2 or higher is already installed on your device : recommand you use a launcher like Apex or Nova, it provides more flexibility in resizing widgets and have the overlay widgets option.[HOW TO] Install :1 – Once you’ve downloaded/installed the skin,2 – Add a UCCW widget to your homescreen (via long press on homescreen if you’re running a launcher or via appdrawer if you’re on stock ROM),3 – When UCCW skins’ list pops up, choose the skin to apply,4 – Touch the pic,5 – Enjoy :)[HOW TO] Use hotspots :UCCW Skins can provide hotspots (or not) : This one got 5 hotspots. For the hotspots to work, in UCCW menu, turn Hotspot Mode ON.[HOW TO] Customize :To give an good looking and change colors you need to tweak these elements mainly :- shape1 : background color of the right side shape,- Battery bar- Day of month,- Date,- Time,- Current condition,Tips- In the UCCW menu, if skin downloaded got a location and/or weather element, set the location to auto (if it’s enable, then disable and enable it again for the location to work properly).- In UCCW skin’s list, long press a skin to delete it,- Turn hotspot mode ON only once you’ve resized your skin to fit your need. Otherwise hotspots will be mismatching the widget pic.In some rare case your skin may not sho up in the UCCW skin list since there’s a new encryption feature introduced in Jelly Bean. Google Play uses feature while installing skins. All third party themes and similar PAID apps like Beautiful widgets, Go launcher etc, are affected by this new encryption. If your are experiencing similar issue, please do not give this skin a bad rate and do the following :- Launch Titanium Backup and scroll down the list of installed apps.- Tap the downloaded theme app and tap backup. DON’T uninstall anything.- Tap the theme name again and restore the same backup that you had just created.Now the theme will work. If it doesn’t or if you are on a non-rooted device, contact me and I’ll send you another fix that’ll work. 100% guarantee.Want the wallpaper used on the screenshot ?! Here you go 🙂———————————————–FYI : Visit my xda thread and download it for free (*.uzip) on my website in the Android section.———————————————–

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