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Play the card game Spades on your phone. This new version features•Intuitive click or drag interface•Support 5 Game variations: Partner,Solo, Suicide, Mirror and Whiz•Options for Jokers and 2's high deck•Option for passing cards on nil and blind nil bids•Customize display with 3 decks, 2 trick orientations, and multiple backgrounds•improved AI and score summary•Support for options like blind nil bidding, scoring of nil bids, scoring of bags, initial lead card,requiring spades to be broken, and more.1.7 contains online play. It is still in beta testing and the server will be up and down and the games might be a bid flakey for the next couple of weeks. Please email me any issues that you have. Thank youUPGRADE NOTE:There is a pref to turn off autoplaying when you have 1 legal move if you don't like itIf your shortcut stops working, either move the app from the SDCard to main memory or delete the shortcut and make a new one. Android doesn't seem to update the shortcut when an app is updated from the market. FAQ Q) Why did I just lose 100 points? A) In standard spades if you get 10 over tricks, you lose 100 points. You can turn the bag penalty off in the settings. Q) The game is bidding for me? A) Please double check that you are not playing Mirror spadesQ) Why does the app need the accounts permissionA) To allow the user to login with their google Plus accountWe are trying out AppLovin as our ad provider. There is a preference dialog to turn them off if you prefer the older ads. So far the ads have been more revelant and higher quality than other providers. Please provide your feedback on them.We have partnered with AppLovin Corporation to bring you a more socialexperience including but not limited to the ability to more easilyinvite your friends to our app, alerts from your friends, socialadvertising, etc. To serve you a better experience we may share yourpersonal data with AppLovin, and use of your data is subject toAppLovin's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Both policies areavailable at

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