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Speak Your AppointmentJust speak your appointments instead of typing them down.Insert and save events completely with your voice, also in different calendars.Automatically stored reminders, will not let you miss your appointment.Supported languages: ENGLISH (US/UK), ITALIAN and GERMANNo credit card? No problem: offers Paypal and much more.Speech examples:- Pick up Anna at the Station at quarter to 2 p.m.- On 3rd of March at 4 o'clock p.m. to the dentist (UK)- On March the 3rd at 4 o'clock p.m. to the dentist (US)- Sunday at one pm with the kids to the zoo- On Tuesday at nine o'clock until half past ten lectures- On Saturday at quarter past 11 have breakfast with Juliane in Suicide Sue- Peter's birthday next week Friday- Tomorrow at 4 o'clock shopping- Next Monday at quarter past 12 meeting- On 21/03/2012 at quarter past 7 go to Paris (UK)- On 03/21/2012 at quarter past 7 go to Paris (US)- Tomorrow from 8 am until 9:30 am Meeting in BerlinSpecial features: - Supported languages: Englisch (US/UK), Italian and German - An appointment can be created entirely with voice commands * - The speech output is able to announce appointments repeatedly * - Navigate through the list of suggested events by saying "Next" and "Previous" - The calendar to save the appointments can be chosen freely (Default is your Google E-Mail Calendar) - For business appointments, a separate calendar can be configured * - Up to 5 freely adjustable reminders can be configured * - The event duration can be announced * - Your favourite Calendar-App can be configured to be launched from menu * - Widget for starting App in automode in 3 diffent sizes - Up to 3 different Themes * - Tap and hold on text or date of an event suggestion to edit them quickly - Launch App from a calendar app (supported by "aCalendar","Calendar Pad","Weekly Calendar","Checkmark Calendar" and more)* Fullversion onlyRequirements: - An Internet connection. This may result in additional costs, please contact your telephone provider. - A voice recognition software, e.g. The free Google Voice Search from the Android Market. - If appointments have also to be read aloud a text-to-speech app with your language edition is required. All other functions of the app will not be affected if no text-to-speech software does exist.Note:The quality of the results of speech recognition and quality of speech is dependent on the software installed on your device.Created with Android 2.3 SDK for Android 2.2 - 4.xFree Ad-Banner VersionHelp:It is not possible to answer comments on Play Store. Please send questions and support requests via e-mail.Tags: Events, Appointments, Event, Appointment, Speak, Speech, Speechinput, Speechrecognition, Speak, Calendar, Voice, Voice Calendar

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