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SpeechTrans for Hearing Impaired Powered By Nuance***** Apr 9, 2012 by PokerNearMeExcellent Product – Very nice implementation. I use it with my mother in the hospital who is now almost completely deaf. Your application allows me to communicate with her easily. I especially like that it’s easy to edit the speech to text translation to quickly correct errors. Thank You an A+ rating from me!** SpeechTrans for Hearing Impaired works similarly to how closed captioning work on television. The user would press record, and someone would begin talking to them, the device will automatically detect what it just said and display it on the screen!!** The user can then type back a response and SpeechTrans will read it aloud in a male or female voice!!**Magically speak and communicate with anyone without having to use sign language with 99% Speech Recognition Accuracy Powered by Nuance! Have you ever met a person you really like but due to the communication barrier you wouldn’t be able to start a chat? SpeechTrans is here to help you out! Now someone can speak to you and the text is typed on the screen for you to read! You can type a response and have it read aloud on for the other person to hear!PRESS RECORD, HAVE THE PERSON SPEAK TO YOU, ONCE THEY ARE DONE SPEAKING SPEECHTRANS WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISPLAY THE TEXT OF WHAT WAS JUST SAID, TYPE BACK A RESPONSE AND IT WILL SPEAK IT FOR YOU!!**** FEATURES* Auto detects when a person stops talking* Auto translate function allows you to turn off translation when you don’t need it so you can communicate with someone in same language.* 1,000 Transcriptions preloaded, more available via in-app purchase* Free unlimited Text to Speech translations* Playback all previous translations without an Internet connection* Build your own dictionary as all previous translations are saved* Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS for it to be read aloud and translated* Email translated Text and Audio file* 55 second Voice recording time* Facebook Chat! You are no longer limited to being in the same room with the person you want to communicate with! Justtype to them and they will get speech output translations on their SpeechTrans Enabled iPhone/iPad or text on the computer!* Free Lifetime Updates to new languages!* Post status updates directly to Twitter or FacebookSpeechTransfor Hearing Impaired is the absolute best app if you need to instantly communicate without sign language. Now you can seamlessly communicate with Facebook users all around the world! SpeechTrans is here to eliminate all communication barriers and provide you with an accurate dialog in the selected language.* SpeechTrans works with voice inputs in-English (American, British, or Australian),-EU French,-Canadian French,-Italian,-German,-Spanish (EU, US, MX),-Korean,-Dutch,-Swedish,-Norwegian,-Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese),-Russian,-Danish,-Japanese-Portuguese-PolishIts outputs include all those languages, and-Arabic,-Czech,-Greek,-Finnish,-Haitian Creole,-Hungarian,-Turkish* Free unlimited Text to Speech translations* Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS for it to be read aloud and translated* Translation is saved automatically in your Translation history* Email translated Text or Audio file* 55 second Voice recording time* Free Lifetime Updates to new languages!* View Alternate translations the highest accuracy.* No Internet required for playback of previous translations!* Ability to get near 100% accuracy if you turn Auto Translate Feature OffRequirements:SpeechTrans TM requires network connectivity (Wi-Fi or 3G/EDGE) for new translations or transcriptions. No Internet is required to view or playback previous recordingsPRIVACY POLICY For information, please view our end user license agreement and for instruction videos or questions please visit http://www.SpeechTrans.com/

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