SpeechTrans Ultimate by Nuance


** This Version on Works on Android 2.3 and lower, for all other versions and no Ads please purchase SpeechTrans Pro **Upgrade Today to recieve these benefits!1. Ads will be Removed2. Unlimited Speech to Speech Translations3. Unlimited Telephone Call Live Translations using InterprePhone4. Unlimited SMS Translation, Email Translation, Facebook Chat TranslationMagically Speak and Understand Different Languages within a matter of Seconds with 99% Speech Recognition Accuracy Powered by Nuance! Have you wanted to talk to but due to the language barrier you wouldn’t be able to communicate? SpeechTrans is here to help you out!""????? SpeechTrans saved my patients lifeby Alex Hamburger Version 1.7Through the use of their app, as an EMT I was able to communicate to a person who didn’t speak English while they were going into a diabetic coma. I was able to find out he was allergic to the most common treatment through the use of SpeechTrans which if taken, could have killed him."PRESS RECORD, SPEAK FOR UP TO 55 SECONDS, PRESS STOP AND IT SPEAKS BACK THE TRANSLATION. ITS THAT SIMPLE!!Introducing InterprePhone PATENT PENDING, a telephone call interpreter! Call anyone in the world, Conference in InterprePhone and speak to them in 16 different languages in real time! (Requires monthly subscription available via in app purchase)"????? As seen on Fox, NBC, USA Today, and Wired Magazine"**** NEW FEATURES"????? Perfectby Randall Martin version 1.0Awesome translation application. It does what it describes, but also is a wonderful tool to learn the language. Must have app!""????? Awesome App!by Armstrong Lee 1.0It Works! The app changed the way I travel. I am no longer nervous about going to a foreign country because I know I can use SpeechTrans to talk to the Locals! The accuracy is incredible as long as you speak in your native tongue. The voice translation is clear and not robotic, definitely worth the money!"SPEECHTRANS IS NO LONGER JUST A SPEECH TO SPEECH TRANSLATOR, IT IS NOW A TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY WHICH ALLOWS USERS TO SPEAK TO ANYONE IN THE WORLD BY CALLING AND INSTANTLY SPEAKING THEIR LANGAUGE 24/7!! SAVE THOUSANDS ON HUMAN TRANSLATORS AND USE SPEECHTRANS INTERPREPHONE INSTEAD!Never be at a loss for words on your next trip abroad. With the most sophisticated voice recognition feature developed by Nuance, you will be amazed at how easy it is to translate into other languages within seconds! With SpeechTrans you can also dictate status updates directly to your Facebook and Twitter or send emails and reminders to yourself

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