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This HOT NEW APP, the Speed Clock, was created for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans of baseball, softball, football, soccer, tennis, archery, volleyball, hockey, and sports in general. It allows you to accurately calculate the speed of a pitch, throws, kicks, shots, and the like. **Note: The accuracy of the speeds is completely dependent on the distance inputted and the timing of the click and release. Being off slightly can make a significant difference. That is why there is an average of 3 speeds displayed. This should give you a more accurate speed. The more you practice with the device the more accurate it will be.INSTRUCTION:It gives you the option to choose MPH or KPH (if you would prefer), then input the distance. Once you have completed your selections you will be able to accurately calculate the speed. - Click and hold the trigger button when the ball is thrown.- Release the trigger button when the ball is caught. If you click the button accurately you will get an accurate speed (give or take a few MPH/KPH just like a radar gun). So accuracy depends on the accuracy of your clicks. Click the Reset AVG button to reset the average.-Reset the average when junk pitches are thrown or else average will drop drastically. (Average takes only the most recent 3 pitches)QUESTIONS/CONCERNS?If you have questions or concerns please contact me at FALLACYSTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM. I would appreciate you sending me an email if you are having any problems rather than posting a bad rating and I will be sure to get back to you and do my best to fix the problem. Also, if you have any ideas or things you would like to see on this app just let me know and I will do what I can to add the features you would like.***Permissions: The permissions required are used for ONLY ads. If you wish to have an ad free version of the app with no permissions required check out the pro version.((Purchase the pro version (Speed Clock) to remove adds, take up less space, remove many permissions, and receive more updates.))TAGS: baseball, softball, football, soccer, tennis, archery, volleyball, hockey, running, jogging, sprinting, track, little league, pony ball, speed gun, radar gun, pitch speed, pass speed, serve speed, mph, kph, fps, slap shot, timer©2011-13

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