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Speed Golf Lite is a fast-paced golf game with three 3D holes to explore.DESCRIPTIONYou will need both skill and speed in order to win at Speed Golf. Your score is determined by a combination of your strokes and the time it takes you to finish a hole.Earn new items after you complete each hole. Get better clubs, faster running shoes, new golfballs, and more!DIRECTIONSYou start each hole by hitting the golf ball.a. Touch the CLUB SELECTION in the top-right corner to select your club.b. Use the THUMBPAD in the bottom-left corner to aim your golfer. Hint: When you are hitting, the compass shows you the way to the hole.c. Press (and hold) the SWING BUTTON in the bottom-right corner to hit the ball. The longer you hold the swing button down, the further the ball will travel.Once you hit the ball, you will have to run after it in order to hit it again.a. Use the THUMBPAD in the bottom-left corner to make the golfer run. Hint: When you are running, the compass shows you the way to the ball.Your score for each hole is a combination of your time plus a 15-second addition for each stroke.You must shoot par or better on each hole in order to unlock the next hole.Good Luck!

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