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SpellNanny is a fun way for children, or anyone, to learn the spelling of 1000 common English words. SpellNanny allows you to set the difficulty of the words and high score encourages you to try bigger words, it is a combination of the number of words and number of letters in the words. SpellNanny works on the principal of making you remember the words by showing you the correct spelling, the word disappears, then you drag the letters to the correct locations. You can move onto the next word once you have the word correct. Statistics and a timer allows you, or parents and teachers to see how well you are going. It shows time spent, attempts per word, and the list of words that have been tried. Nanny does a little happy jig when you spell the word correctly, but Nanny is not happy when you spell the word incorrectly. SpellNanny is a fun way to learn to spell.

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