Sphyro 3D


Sphyro is an abstract 3D strategy game. Two players built up a pyramid by placing spheres on a game board. The player who is able to place the last sphere on the peak of the pyramid wins the game. Some very few rules make this goal tricky and challenging to achieve. Tip and slide on the screen to rotate the view in all three dimensional angles. If your device provides a multi touch screen, use two fingers to zoom in and out. Play locally against friends, against the computer or against people all over the Internet. Compete with the world and improve your world ranking position. Do you make it into the top ten?Five different Game modes:- Human vs computer (4 difficulty levels).- Human vs human on the same device.- Against friends over the Internet.- Score games against random people over the Internet, competing for the world top 10 rankings.- Friendly games against random people over the Internet, just for fun and practice (not counted for world ranking).Other features:- True 3D graphics, allowing to view the game board from all three dimensional angles and zoom levels.- Intuitive and natural game control.- Possibility to chat with opponent player during Internet games.- Possibility to use own avatar picture which is displayed during Internet games and in the world top 10 table.- "Buzz" opponent player in case he shows no reaction (vibrates his phone).This game is also available for other mobile devices like Apple iPhone and Nokia phones and thus can also be played against people with such phones.In case you encounter any problems with this game, please report them on http://www.crudebyte.com/sphyro/Anti-Spy Commitment: We take your privacy very seriously. None of our apps contain so called „spy” behaviors and we committed ourself to a very high privacy standard. For more informations about our privacy commitment, read our „Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps”.

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