Spirit Life Training


This spiritual workout program is based on the information and exercises found in Spirit Life Training, a revolutionary manual published by Destiny Image Inc. Using comprehensive and practical training, this book and mobile companion app will help develop your spirit, soul and body to be able to release the life and power of God that He has destined you to walk in. Take the next step beyond information into implementing a personal action plan for your spiritual life. Your greatest asset in life is the spirit that God has given you- train it to be all it can be for you!You can use this mobile companion app to both forecast, as well as document your progress in the various prayer, mental, physical and other spiritual Bible-based exercises. After typing in your plan or experiences and results on each page, press the corresponding ‘strategy’ button at the bottom of the screen. You will have the option to email the notes to yourself, or document them into an application such as Evernote, YouVersion etc! Spirit Life Training is available through www.spiritlifetraining.com as well as other major booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (CONCERNING THE LIST OF PERMISSIONS: This application DOES NOT make use of most of the permissions on the list, nor do we want it too! The developmental platform for this app hard codes these capabilities into the app to give flexibility for future updates. However, this app will NEVER use permissions such as reading/calling phone numbers, take pictures and video, GPS functions, read or modify your personal information, or delete other applications. The only permissions the app uses are to support the basic documenting features written above.)

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