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From the creator of SpiritVox, Echovox and Spirit Voice comes a new paranormal investigation tool. SpiriTrap is a sensor based application which uses your devices Magnetometer and Accelerometer sensors available on most devices. If your device does not have the required sensor it will not be available.The idea is simple, use SpiriTrap in a doorway, room or hallway to detect footsteps or EMF fluctuations. It can also be used as an interaction device as the sensors are set to be VERY sensitive and it should be easily triggered by an energy source.2 Modes, Silent and Alarm. Silent mode is just that, silent, no alarm will sound and it will monitor the area and write changes to a .txt log file with a time/date stamp. This means you can monitor an area for fluctuations for a long period of time unmanned.When set to alarm mode an alarm will sound when the device is triggered. Again, think of all the uses for that.UPON PRESSING "ARM" YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO LEAVE THE AREA.This is a simple program for serious investigators. A great way to cover a hall, or use the time stamps to back up other evidence such as MEL spikes, footsteps etc.I am planning adding more sensors such as static, light, and sound monitoring/auto record in version 2 when it's ready.PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 OF THE 2 SENSORS MENTIONED ABOVE FOR THIS TO FUNCTION. MOST DEVICES HAVE AT LEAST 1.ALSO: The sensors are VERY sensitive if you run into trouble with alarms tripping to easily please contact me at spiritvox@bigbeardaudio.comThis is a new idea and it will be growing as development and user feedback continue.I fully support all my apps and am easy to reach. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com/spiritvoxapp THAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH ME FOR SUPPORT.I am a paranormal researcher, this is my life. I build these tools so we can find ANSWERS.See my ghost hunting adventures at www.youtube.com/bigbeardaudio and my blog: spiritvox.bigbeardaudio.comDEMO VIDEO IN PRODUCTION.

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