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If you send text messages, SportsText is a tool you need to have. This application was designed to quickly share your progress/scores/stats without missing any action, but then it evolved into a full-featured communications must-have tool.What does it do?=================Are you in a softball league and want to quickly send your score to a friend in between innings but know your teammates will yell at you if they see you on the phone? Using this app you can send the message to as many people as you want in just seconds."Thursday Night Softball Update: Scared Hitless 4, Warning Track Power 2. Top of 2"That message can be sent over and over, updating the score and inning with just 8 clicks and less than 10 seconds. =================Do you play Madden 12 or Call of Duty online? You know pausing is not acceptable during online play so use SportsText to update your buddies --"Dominating NukeTown, 13 kills and 2 deaths. Come Join Me." 11 clicks, less than 10 seconds this can be sent with the map, kills and deaths all dynamic. Plus it can go out to your WHOLE clan.================= Are you a president, commish, coach or leader of a group, league or team? Put together well formatted, professional texts and use them to update all the individuals that need to know."Don't forget we have a meeting Tuesday, 8:15. Subject: New Project Kickoff"9 clicks and type a subject and this message can be sent to your team in less than 15 seconds.=================How does it work?- You build a config Each config has it's own group of contacts, reusable labels, and tables to autocomplete (speed up!) your input. - You attach contacts Using your contact list or putting numbers in manually you can build a list of people to include in your config. We have tested up to 50 numbers using all the popular messaging applications -- Including Handcent, GO SMS Pro, Google Voice and more.- You build messages Messages can be as simple "I win again!" and as complex as "We won today at baseball. Bad News Bears 3 runs, 12 hits, 0 errors, Sandlot 2 Runs, 4 hits, 1 error" You can make as many dynamic prompts as you want to create just the right message which can be sent in a hurry.- You send the messages Click on the message you want to send. If the message requires additional input, you will be prompted to enter just the data needed. Once all the data is collected you will be forwarded to your default messaging application to send the text. The reason we chose this route instead of sending the messages right from our app is to use the great features of messaging apps, which include breaking up long messages, resending messages in questionable signal, and integrating the history. Advanced Features: - Save a config to your external storage for backup or sharing purposes. - Prebuilt tables to speed up data input -- This includes all the teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA (120 division I football teams). - Search and add messages from our collection. We hope to continue to grow the available messages and encourage community involvement/sharing. Perfect for Video games! - NCAA 12 Online Dynasties, MLB The Show, MLB 2k11, Madden 11 and Madden 12, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, BlackOps and others, Battlefield, NHL 11 and NHL 12 (EASHL), NBA 2k11, and lots more. Basically any game on the XBOX 360, Playstation (PS3), Wii, DS, if you can play it and want to share your progress, SportsText is the solution.Perfect for Mass Texting, MassTexts, Group Texts, Speed Text, Quick Text, Sports Text!It doesn't stop there. You can use this app to quickly update your Facebook Status and Tweet to Twitter. You have followers interested in your softball game?? now you can get the score to them LIVE. ** Both Facebook and Twitter offer updates via text messaging -- view their websites for more information.

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