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SpotMole provides a simple way to have a quick check of your skin spots and moles. Take a snapshot of a mole or load a mole's photo from the phone's galleryand let SpotMole do the rest ! SpotMole may detect signs of melanoma using image processing and pattern recognition techniques. Spotmole does a scan of relevant dermatological features.BREAKTHROUGH APP:- This is the world's first smartphone app to perform an automatic mole analysis using the device's camera/gallery and embedded algorithms. Released on 17/02/2011 and available as a web application since 2009, SpotMole is the first mobile app ever to implement the concept of automatic analysis of moles to track signs of melanoma.SPOTMOLE RECOGNITIONS:- Finalist app at the AppCircus - MEDICA, the world‘s largest medical instrumentation trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, 16.11.2012.- Featured app on The One Show, from the BBC-1, 05.09.2011- Finalist app at the AppCircus - Mobile 2.0 Europe, event that took place on 16.06.2011, in Barcelona, Spain.SPOTMOLE REVIEWS:- "Ready to Try The Worlds First Mole Analysis App? Just A Snapshoot & Rest Is Automatic" "Spotmole – Aplicación para comprobar las manchas de la piel y los lunares" - cancerpiel.esUsing SpotMole you first have to take a close-up and well centered snapshot of a skin spot or mole and next run an analysis. SpotMole automatic assessment software uses standard visual analysis proceedures to check spots on the skin. The features extracted are common in dermatology and widely employed in visual inspection of the skin spots. These are Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Evolution of the mole (ABCDE).Spotmole's output may be negatively influenced by images with poor contrast/brightness, color artifacts, nonuniform illumination, poor resolution, skin hairs covering the mole, etc.PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE USAGE INFORMATION BEFORE USING THE APP: ON THE MAIN APP'S SCREEN JUST PRESS THE 'USAGE' BUTTONSPOTMOLE + ACHIEVEMINT:AchieveMint is an innovative platform that rewards healthy decisions such as checking regularly your moles using SpotMole ! You may use the gift-like button on the main app's screen to sign up for AchieveMint (opt-in network). For Terms & Conditions regarding AchieveMint please refer to AchieveMint's website: issues regarding integration with AchieveMint: when choosing to use AchieveMint through SpotMole app, the sole information that is sent to AchieveMint's platform is the event that you have checked a mole using SpotMole each time you perform a mole analysis. DISCLAIMER:SpotMole is by no means a substitute for clinical diagnostics performed by trained dermatologists. SpotMole is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. Regardless of the output of the program you are urged to seek medical advice if you have doubts with a particular skin spot - mole. SpotMole's assessment is for educational purpose only. Use SpotMole at your own risk.IF YOU LIKE SPOTMOLE YOU MIGHT CONSIDER GETTING THE FULL VERSION SPOTMOLEPLUS WITH ADDITIONAL FEATURES SUCH AS:* Ads-free app* Translated to Spanish* Offers an additional tool to check your skin cancer risk* Offers more information on the mole's evolution* May track several moles at the same time* Schedule reminders to check the mole at a later time

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