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Please read the instructions to unlock for free via GetJarGold.You can upgrade to the full version by downloading a few free apps, totally FREE using GetJar Gold! Please support us!The app is tested on the Galaxy S3 and works perfectly fine, please ignore the poor reviews, as you can see in the OTHER S3 reviews there are customers using S3 who do not jump to conclusions just because they failed to set up the app correctly or contacted us to assist them!Download our app "Fake GPS Location" to test the Spots!IMPORTANT BEFORE INSTALLING AND REVIEWING - for the new "smartphone" users:This is a location based app, the phone needs to know the location for the app to work.This is an ADVANCED app, take time to read the FAQ (best practices) please and watch the short tutorial video on youtube - still confused? Contact us with screenshots and specific questions, thank you.Spoty is a location based reminder,location alert,call blocker, profile changer all based on geofencing and proximity.When Steve Jobs introduced the Location based reminders built in iOS5 everybody was impressed.However, at that time, Spoty was already a top featured app on the Android Market. Spoty is the best location based application for Android! With its advanced battery management you will never again need to disable the GPS chip on your mobile.Your phone will never again ring at the cinema or at meetings. No spam calls during office hours or at night. Block calls, remind yourself to buy something when you're near the store or send SMS to friends/family near a location. Change ringtone and vibration,wifi and bluetooth based on your current Spot.PERMISSIONS explained:One would think that after 5 years of Android users will stop complaining about permissions and understand what they are for, I guess they don't!Permissions are there for a reason, Internet -to display map, give you adresses, Location - to locate you (obviously), SMS and Calls - to block and send SMS as reminders. People READ what the app can do please and if you still have questions contact us! Tutorial: reviews: test the app initially:- Make sure you have enabled both Location providers in Android Settings (for best results)- Press the current location icon and wait for your your location to be found,add a Spot and a Reminder by pressing the Home icon.- Restart (if running) or Start the Service by long pressing on the Home icon.- A reminder will fire, if not email us and we will assist you.To support this app and deliver it totally 100% free to you we are using ADs.You can upgrade to Full for free by downloading a few free apps!To check out all the features please have a look at the Spoty description here: Lite has all the features of Spoty, with a 7 day trial limitation.Please note that to keep the app free for the 7 days we are using ads inside the app. A small search button on the home screen which can be easily deleted is also installed part of the advertising campaign to give you a free 7 day trial. Thank you for the understanding.Please make sure to check out our other cool Apps:✔ Walk and Text (Texting while walking is dangerous - not any more!)✔ Emergency (Panic Button, sending your location in a case of emergency)✔ Battery Percentage Alarm Icon✔ Fake GPS Location✔ Talking Caller ID, talking SMS ID✔ Call Guard (Block Incoming Outgoing Calls/SMS )✔ Lost Droid ✔ Total control (Shake2Call)✔ Open WiFi Scanner✔ Amazon Free App✔ Hide Caller ID (automatically hide your caller id )

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