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With your phone or tablet, you can:- Connect to any SQL Server database,- Save unlimited connections with or without passwords,- Download table and column names to simplify querying,- Query - select, update, insert, delete, exec, etc.,- Utilize an intuitive "SQL Keyboard",- Save unlimited queries, - View result sets and export them to CSV, and- Copy result cells to the clipboard with a tap.SQL Server Mobile Manager is the ultimate in portable, mobile database utilities. With SQL Server Mobile Manager, you can connect to any SQL Server database (DB login and password required) on any internal network (from within or via VPN). Remote connections over TCP/IP are supported as well. SQL Server Manager allows you to build and execute simple or complex queries via keypad or through the Query Builder interface. Select, Create, Delete, Join... all SQL functions are fully supported! Easy to use, Query Builder retrieves and populates table and column information to allow quick, accurate query building. SQL Server Manager allows you to:- Store unlimited connections to SQL Server databases,- Optionally store passwords (which are encrypted on the Android device),- Store names of user tables and columns to simplify query building,- Build queries using an intuitive "SQL Keyboard" that includes buttons to write the text for common commands,- Execute simple and complex queries and stored procedures- Save queries (associated to a connection) for later use, and- View result sets in a horizontally/vertically scrollable grid, with the option to highlight multiple rows by tapping on each one.SQL Server Mobile Manager is perfect for:- SQL DBAs on-the-go who can remotely manage databases by establishing a connection over TCP/IP or a VPN connection,- Software developers, data analysts, etc. who require on-the-fly SQL visibility when away from the desk (in meetings, for instance),- Students or anybody else interested in practicing SQL syntax on the train, in the bus, etc.,among many others.tags: database Microsoft sqlserver database admin database administrator database monitoring query remote admin SQL resultset result set DB console

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