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Squish! Fidel Castro Live Wallpaper is here!This is an inspirational Cuban live wallpaper. Take out your frustration over Fidel Castro's 40+ year reign with this wallpaper. You will see Fidel Castro running across your screen, double tap on him to turn him into a bloody mess. Many Cubans have wished this on him for so many years and now it is possible on your phone! Cuba may not be liberated, but your phone will be.In order to install this live wallpaper on your system visit the wallpaper options. Choose : Live Wallpapers and then select Robo Farm.What is a Live Wallpaper?Live wallpapers are used exactly like traditional wallpaper except that instead of using a single static image they can be animated programmatically or from video. Live Wallpapers created by Rebel Box use the same code that is used in games in order to create live wallpapers that are highly dynamic and interactive. Special performance considerations are used when creating these live wallpapers in order to ensure that battery use is minimized in order to maximize battery life. About Rebel Box Live Wallpapers:Our wallpapers are drawn using an 8-bit retro style, similar to how art was done in old school games of the 80's and 90's. This art style is unique in its minimalist nature. Using only basic pixels and gradients to provide shading and details they provide a gateway for the imagination. More Live Wallpapers:There are many live wallpapers available from Rebel Box, click the link below in order to view all of our live wallpaper offerings.

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