Standard Android ADK Demo Kit


This is the standard Android ADK Demo Kit. It is recompiled by the DIY Phone Gadgets community for easy tests.This application supports all the Android devices above 2.3.4 including tablets. Please visit Google’s official site for more details on how to add accessories to your Android devices: visit our blog to see more DIY hardware gadgets integrating your Android phone or other mobile devices.Come join us if you are one of the:1. Hardcore Android developers2. Microcontroller fans: Arduino, IOIO and PIC in particular3. DIYers of electronics gadgets: RC drones, helicopters, cars, robots or other toys4. High-tech geeks5. Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board users6. Wireless connection or remote control lovers: WiFi, bluetooth and infrared7. USB experts: USB host, USB device, USB OTG, USB dongles…8. Domotics life and home automation lovers.If you used to be wowing at those intelligent cool gadgets such as a cellphone controlled video-streaming RC vehicle, helicopter or drone, a voice-controlled electric fan, or an intelligent washing machine, a home-made NFC coffee distributor, it is time to make your own.We hope that you will find something useful here to build your dream gadgets and be able to share your exciting experience with others. Have fun!Our blog: blog applicaiton:

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