Star Rebellion Lite


Star Rebellion is a hard science fiction-style tower defense game. With high-quality graphics and striking sound effects.All of this makes it a great audio and visual impact!Lite Version contains 3 of the 24 maps, with 2 weapons lock.If you want to enjoy this masterpiece, don’t wait, purchase the full version!features:- 9 types of turret and one type brick to build, 10 levels of upgrade for each tower.- Realistic sound effects.- Very high-quality graphics.- A lot of heavy weapons like Laser, Electric, Missile, E.M.F., plasma MAC, and ect.- 22 Achievements and OpenFeint support.- 24 maps with 5 difficulty levels with from 30 waves to an unlimited waves to defend.- super big map!- Open field Map and Random map Mode.- App2sd support. – If you feel lag, you can use ‘Menu – Close Antialiased’ to speed up.

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