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——-Developed by Benjamin pollard—————I have made a heart of the swarm builds app, you can find it here. will be no more updates for this version.———————————————————A List of Starcraft 2 builds and tips on doing them. Made from teamliquid’s, as well as other build websites like AudioBuilds.Showing build orders and extra info in a nice clean formate with updates to come on new builds that are made.As well as videos on how to preform most of the builds and links to pages that explain the builds, of why they are good, how to follow them up and ways to react to the other persons build. With 65 + builds and always growing."Starcraft 2 Builds is an awesome cool entertainment app -Editor’s Pick from "Any builds you want adding just email me or twit Sorry for any spelling errors my dyslexia gets the best of me 😀

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