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Space: The final frontier. Mars, WarGod of the ancients and eternal symbol of man's quest for the unknown. I along with generations of others am fascinated by Mars and that is why this tribute game has been created.NASA has sent robots and satellites to Mars to give us pictures of the arid Martian Landscape. This game uses those pictures ,from Mars, of the surrounding Universe.Around December 2011 NASA will send a new robot named "Curiosity". It will carry the name of 1246445 people from Earth. My and my family's name will be there too.I would have gone myself if it was possible, but our names will go instead.The Curiosity rover will land on Mars in August 2012.Stardust will give you a taste of what the cosmos will look like from Mars. Match the same pictures in this stunning memory game as the ethereal music lures you ever on.The game gets progressively harder with the initial 100 seconds from the first level getting less and less as the difficulty ramps up.Enjoy the gameplay and stunning graphics as you try to beat your high score.Gamedesign, game coding, graphics and music by DamianGTO

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