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Homage to the Stargate Universe ClockWhat: This widget adds a 4×1 clock to a home screen. It can count down in Ancient, or show the current time. It turns red for the last 3 minutes of an hour or the count down. You can use the widget to do three things: i) Get to a configure page. Press the dots on the left.ii) Switch between three fonts: Ancient, Tomorrows-World (Computer), and Standard (Clockopia). Press the clock numbers.iii) Switch between a count-down clock and a time-of-day clock. Press the dots on the right.This widget is in homage to a great show, thanks guys.Free App: Clock update options are 11, 12, 13, and 17 seconds.Paid App: Clock update options are 1, 2, 3, and 7 seconds.Confirmed Working By Users: Android 1.6, Android 2.3Samsung Galaxy S 4g, Android 2.3 480×800.Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, SGS i9000, Android 2.3 480×800.Important. You can try the free app first to check the SGU widget looks OK on your phone. If the SGU widget looks OK please leave a comment and include your phone model. If there is a problem please email me the make and model. Upgrade: From free to paid i) Remove free widget from home screen ii) Uninstall the free app. iii) Home->menu->settings->applications->running-services->kill the SGU service if it is still running. Stop. If you review apps like Rush with a low score because they never do everything you want, then this app is probably not for you. This is a 99 cent app on Android, not Ancient technology. If you rate apps like Eli with enthusiasm, then please enjoy!How To Use: The SGU clock is a widget. Widgets do not start up in the same way as normal apps. You can add the widget to your home screen with a long press on any home screen (usually) and select Widget from the menu. Or try Home – Menu – Add. Languages: The configure screen is in English, French, German and Dutch, with language translation by Google.Permissions: None.Known Issues: These may never get fixed. Non Ancient fonts do not centre the clock. The left and right edges of the widget can be imperfect. The configuration screen is imperfect. There is only a 12-hour clock, I will try to give a 12/24-hour clock option. This is a tiny app, 71K, but the way Android does widget services takes more memory and this is not under my control.Battery Life: On my Galaxy S 4g during 24 hours: A refresh rate of 2, 3, or 7 seconds has a battery use less than 1%. A refresh rate of 1 second has a battery use of 1-3%.IP: No graphics from the show Stargate Universe, MGM or the Syfy channel are used in this app. The fonts used are public domain or courtesy of Google-Android. This widget is in homage to the show but is not a copy of the count down clock in SGU. There are many specific differences in form and function. If you think this widget uses your IP please email me to discuss. Thank you.

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