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*Statistics Tutor for Apple is in service to iPhone iPad iPod users at* Statistics Tutor invented the "take-me-with-you" database management technology. Therefore, Statistics Tutor doesn’t need Internet access while you enjoy the mobile learning experience.* All new statistics contents updates coming to Google Play Store on June 1, 2013.The new "Statistic Tutor" with additional coverage of hypothesis testing, time series analysis, linear regression, and applications of Bayes’ theorem in service to Android users."Statistics Tutor" does not only introduce fundamental concepts and equations to you, but also shares how to use them to resolve real-world problems with you. In the latest update, all equations are added into the tutorial. No textbook is required to use the app. "Statistics Tutor" can be adopted as your mobile statistics reference library, and is a great choice for self-learning purpose.We are also periodically adding new tests into "Statistics Tutor". Please choose "Allow automatic updating" to keep up with the latest contents. Thank you so much for using "Statistics Tutor". We are looking forward to your feedback. As we know, statistics is a broad and rapidly growing discipline, and it is critically important for people who are pursuing "big fat money" careers such as actuary (i.e., health or property insurance risk management), cloud computing data analyst, "big data" analyst, etc. Please leave a comment to let us know what other topics interest you but are not yet covered in the tutorial. We will try our best to add them into the app soon.Major Updates:Chapter 4: What is least square line?Linear regression modeling.Trend, seasonal variations, cyclical variations, and irregularity in time series analysis.How to get seasonal index in time series analysis.Chapter 5Combinations in probability.Applications of probability.Bayes’ theorem and application.Shortcut to understand the Bayes’ theorem.Chapter 6Discrete random variables and binomial distributions.How to get the correct binomial distributions.Chapter 7Distribution for continuous random variables.Chapter 8Distribution for sample meanWhat is the difference between the distribution for sample mean and the distribution for variables.Chapter 9Quality control chartFind center line, upper control limit, lower control limit for X chart, R chartChapter 10Hypothesis testing for the mean of one population.

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