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Stats Calc is a great portable statistics app with diverse functionality.Features include:Basic Statistics- Calculates common descriptive functions including, but not limited to: mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and standard error from a data series.Linear Regression- Plots data from a data series and includes best-fit line- Provides common information about the line including but not limited to equation of the line, slope, y-intercept, R^2Permutations/Combinations- Calculates the number of permutations and combinations with and without repetition as well as the number of subsets in the setDistributionsCalculates the following:- Gaussian (z-score) *WITH TABLE- Poisson- Bernoulli- Chi Squared * WITH TABLE- T * WITH TABLEData Management- Input data series for use within the application- Saves and loads data series as comma separated values (csv)Help Section- Detailed help glossary for each function.** NEW NOTE **This app was made to learn how to develop for Android. It is unlikely to get much updates at this point. If there are small bugs or improper equations they may be fixed but for the most part do not expect this to be maintained. It is 100% free to use at your own discretion.**PLEASE NOTE**Although we are confident in our mathematical accuracy, we do not take ANY liability for any inaccuracies or issues. If you find any issues, please report them at this bug report page: if you still have any other comments or concerns you may email us at: support@aeidesign.caThat said, we take absolutely NO liability as a result of this application.KW: Statistics, Calculator, Stats, Graph, Data, Analysis

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