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? TOP 100 WORLDWIDE APPS? TOP 20 APPS PERSONALIZATIONStatusBar+ is the best custom status bar, battery bar, and popup notification app. StatusBar+ Trial is a full-featured 14-day trial of StatusBar+, the first custom status bar for ANY Android device, no root required!PRAISE FOR STATUSBAR+? ? ? ? ?"Awesome! … The developer is super nice and responds quick and this app is amazing! 🙂 Works great!" – Josh"This is perfect if you want a minimalist theme on your Android" – dave"Beautiful! Felt I had to update my review to reflect the fact that I have experienced none of the instability… Rock solid." – Skinny"Best app!! Works perfect! I am so happy I no longer have grey bar. And all notifications still Work. Wifi and signal icons are active. Very stable. Unlike super status bar. Worth every cent." – NicADDICTIVE FEATURES- It works in any orientation and appears consistently for ANY and ALL applications. In full screen applications it automatically hides and in some applications it becomes transparent for seamless integration.- StatusBar+ is more than just a custom status bar. It comes bundled with its own battery bar, the ability to change any and all indicators to any color your heart desires, features for users with popup notifications, and much more.- Supported system indicators include Signal Strength, Data network type, WiFi signal strength & WiFi Access Point, Bluetooth, Language, GPS, Battery percentage & icon, Time (automatic 24-hour detection), and more coming soon!- Supports many custom lock screens (WidgetLocker, WP7Lock, MagicLocker, and Ripple Lock)If you like this application and would like to continue using it past the 14-day trial period and want to support developer, you can purchase the full version: full version is also available for purchase using PayPal on AndroidPit: help understanding the icons? is not your "normal" application, and in an attempt to support over 1,300 devices you may find bugs! While this application has been tested rather extensively on a number of devices (rooted and not), there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly on your device. No root or custom ROM required!If you run into any issues please send send us an email ( stating your device’s make/model, firmware, ROM (if applicable), and a description of the issue. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to comments on Google Play so send us an email and we will be happy to help you! Performance: In order for StatusBar+ to handle third-party notifications it must be enabled in System Settings > Accessibility and not in the app itself.Feel free to add feature request or report issues: support@jmtapps.comStartapp Notice: We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are using a search service to generate some revenue from this free app. This app will add a couple search links on your device in the form of an icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You may delete them easily (drag to the trash or delete the link for the browser), if you choose to use them, thanks!Icon by Chaitanya Bangera, feature graphic by Graham Macphee.Tags: status bar, statusbar, notification, panel, popup, signal, root, MIUI, battery bar, WP7, windows phone, custom status, personalize, personalization, customize phone, themes, skin, custom phone, personal phone, create own phone, phone skin, phone background, entertainment phone, have your own phone, color themes, layout, layouts, personalize your phone

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