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"Stay In Touch" is a simple utility application which fills a neglected gap in most PIM software. Calendars and task management software are great for tasks with definite timelines; but they do not work so well for unscheduled and more ambiguous tasks; like keeping in touch with friends, or remembering to think/pray about various things. For these types of tasks, there is no definite deadline; but if you neglect them entirely, then you risk losing things which are very important to you."Stay In Touch" allows you to store multiple lists of people/items/events/etc with which you wish to interact regularly; but for which you do not want to impose a very definite schedule. For each item you add to the list, you can indicate a nominal time period/frequency with which you want to interact with that item. Items are then dynamically sorted by urgency; helping you to stay in touch with the people and things that mean a lot to you; rather than allowing them to become buried in your busyness.This application was written primarily for myself, lest I forget important people and things during my the hustle and bustle of my PhD; but is provided her in the hope it might be useful.Current Features: – Add / edit items from the list, each with a separate indication of how regularly the item should be reviewed. – Add a negation option ("avoid") which specifies that the item should be avoided in real life (helps to keep track of various bad habits). – Add / edit multiple modes (categories) for the items. – Quickly add some modes/category presets. – Items are sorted by urgency, and colour coded. – Notifications automatically show when you have urgent items.

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