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Sports Tactics Board This is a tactics board of soccer which can be used in tablet devices.When we practice, sometimes we use a magnetic board in strategic meeting.This application makes it possible at a tablet devices. Of course, you can use this in Smartphone.OperationRed and blue and black icon are likened with a player or a ball. Please use the purple (star) icon for a referee or strategy explanation. If you drag icons in Trace-ON mode, icons make trails.If you drag where no icons, you can draw yellow lines.This is to describe strategies and movement.If you double-tap on a icon or field, you can delete the trails.With multi-touch-enabled devices, you can move icons immediately,and make trails as well.The displayed screen will be saved. The saved image can be seen in the gallery, file manager applications, etc.MenuScreen_Save:The displayed screen will be saved. The saved image can be seen in the gallery, file manager applications, etc.Clear: Leave the players and ball still, delete the all other lines.Reset: Place icons in positions which you choose from below.    1. The first position (Home Position)    2. The position saved with the Position_Save feature (Save Position)Trace-ON/OFF: You can choose whether you would use trails.Position_Save: Save where the icons are when selected.Half/Full-Court: A half-Court and a full Court are chosen.Help: Show help※ Developer doesn't assume the responsibility for damage and the disadvantage of causing it by using this application at all.

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