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The Pro version has no ads.Rotate groups of components to build squares of components of the same type. In this addictive casual game you turn components of mechanisms around a common joint to match elements of the same type. Unlike in Bejeweld and other 3-in-a-row games with jewels, diamond, or gem matching, here your goal is to bring together "2×2" squares of 4 components. Features:- Simple addicting concept- 20+ (!) varied game modes for endless entertainment- Colorful 3D graphics in steam punk setting, stylish and funny characters- Quest with 30 levels unlocks game modes and powerful gear- 10 atmospheric music tracks (20 in HD version)Steam Puzzle is easy to learn, it is great for all ages, for boys and girls, for men and women alike. For kids and family it offers a relaxing "Steam meditation" mode with ambient music where you can twist the components without limitations. As you expore the game modes you will find interesting tasks which make you think and discover clever combinations and strategic solutions.The game’s story focuses on a bright young scientist Doctor Calgory and his assistant Stimkin (a small intelligent rat). Apart from tech and science, they are interested in traveling and archaeology. They need to use their wits and logic to decipher encrypted tablets in a forgotten temple and unveil advanced technology of an ancient civilization. Get ready for nerdy humor and witty dialogs between them and the guardians of the temple.In their laboratory, Dr. Calgory and Stimkin conduct experiments with the new game modes they unlock. For more fun and challenge, you may go for the 200+ achievements which you can also share with your friends to get the Synergy bonus and boost your progress.Steam Puzzle is ideal for commuting and training your intelligence & brain with smart recreational stuff. With its depth, entertaining gameplay and amazing presentation, it’s one of the best titles in the genre of casual arcade/puzzle games.Steam Puzzle is much more than you can expect from a free game and will let you play casually without begging for your credit card. Game modes:ClassicCalibrationGold-platingThermoBombsEnduranceIcebreakerClockwork BombsScrapyardSmoke TestOverheatPokerChainConveyerCrossesSquaresHexesGrand HexesTrianglesGrand TrianglesSteam MeditationIf you have a free Internet connection or wish to play on a tablet, we recommend picking the HD version of this game, which features higher quality textures and more sound tracks (which are also encoded in higher quality).Media partner: "Line App" journal

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