Steampunk Blimp City LWP


Steampunk Blimp City Live WallpaperSet in a steampunk city setting, all made in sepia’s to give a feel of nostalgic.Watch blimps float by as clouds drift by the night moon with an old iron age city is set below with an old style subway rolling along it’s rails as steampunk planes fly above it.Also rotating flood lights in the sky.I added two more blimps, so now you have a choice between steampunk blimps, or two real blimps (the Hindenberg and R101) both crashed and were destroyed in real life, you might now the Hindenberg as the Zeppelin.For those who love the real blimps and are fans of the Zeppelins.Added a digital clock with date, you can show or hide it and change it to any colour and alpha you want it to be.This is not a movie! You have your choice in the following:✔ Choice of Steampunk Blimps or Real Blimps✔ Speed of blimps✔ Frequency of blimps✔ Show or hide blimps✔ Height of blimps✔ Speed of planes✔ Frequency of planes✔ Show or hide planes✔ Height of planes✔ Speed of the subway✔ Frequency of the subway✔ Show or hide the subway✔ Show or hide the clouds✔ Show or hide digital clock✔ Change the colour and alpha of the digital clockFixed minor bug to allow configuration from the home screen now.This does not work with the nexus 7 unfortunately.If you have any issues or support please contact the developers website or email me

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