Steampunk Pirate Skull LWP


<div id="doc-original-text" itemprop="description">Steampunk Pirate Skull Live Wallpaper: Skull has gears as an eye patch that rotate.<p>Set in a nice blue background of the water and sky, as skeleton pirates hang onto the ships mast.<br>You can set the speed of the eye patch gears and ship’s wheel.<br>I added 6 different frames with corners for you to choose from so you can decorate the edges,<br>or remove the frames and corners entirely, or just leave the corners.<br>I also added 4 different eye pupil colors so you can choose your favourite eye color for the skull.<br>I added the crossbones to make it a jolly roger<p>This is not a movie! You have you choice in the following:<p>✔ Speed of eye gears<br>✔ Speed of ship wheels<br>✔ Show or hide frames<br>✔ Show or hide corners<br>✔ Choose from 6 different frames and corner images<br>✔ Choose from 4 different pupil colors<br>✔ Show or hide name plaque<br>fixed frame with going full screen now.<br>Also the top frame lines up now also when flipped. <br>Added a preference to toggle the plaque on and off<p><br>If you have any issues or support please contact the developers website or email me</div>

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