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Full featured pedometer application for your phone.Steps pedometer is an excellent way to track the distance you have walked and supports many features such as distance walked, calories burned, average speed, mile or kilometer settings, body weight settings, can be set to walk mode or running mode. The app can speak results now as well. Just set up the settings for what you would like spoken.* walk or run settings, under settings menu.* No ads or banners.* Speaks what you set in the settings.* Track calories burned.* Free upgrades.* Screen control coming soon.* Metric or american settings.* Showes miles or km walked or ran.* Pace control settings.We have added speach. Now the application can speak what you have set it to say. Remember the App will stay running in the top notification area until you open the app from the notification area and choose Quit in the options menu of the application.There are more options available under menu. Steps Pedometer lets you set modes for either walking or running. You can customize your body weight, Stride length; you can set the step sensitivity settings to match your walking or run style. Step pedometer also gives you a detailed display of the miles you have walked or ran and most of all shows you the calories you have burned.

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