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Sticky Notes with Custom Colors, Images, Notepad Rich Text editing, To Do Lists and more!!!Sticky Pad Widget PRO is Android's premiere Sticky Note Widget application and any user's second memory!With the most advanced features available in the entire Market and a simple user-interface there is truly no close comparison to this sticky note app.With rich text styling your notes can be catered to the occasion. User-defined styles, background color and image options, text color and size options, scrolling widgets, save your notes to TXT files and more! Perfect for class lectures, company meetings, grocery shopping, and remembering last minute appointments.A simple user interface and a powerful text editor make Sticky Pad Widget PRO a lightweight, efficient solution for business, school and home needs.Students can make notes with exponents, chemical formulas and more! Features include:-Customize colors and images as sticky note widget backgrounds.-Alter the transparency of your sticky note widgets including those with background images-Full rich text editing including superscripts, subscripts, bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough etc, allowing for simple to advanced use including exponents, chemical formulas, styled lists and more! -Advanced text size and color options -Scrolling widgets-Different sized widgets: up to 1 entire side!-User-defined styles-Style Manager with style previews-Categorize notes by style!-Save one note or all notes to local storage or SD card for easy back-up.-Import notes from SD card or local phone storage...and much more!

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