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Do you hate going to work every day?Does your boss make your life miserable?Does your boss belittle you?Does your boss criticize you unfairly?Does your boss claim your work as their own?Do you have a bully at work? This app will help you name and claim what's going on.Everyone deserves dignity and respect in the workplace. If you've ever had a difficult boss or co-worker, this app is for you.Stop Workplace Bullying is a quiz app built on Dr. Robert Fuller's book "Somebodies and Nobodies". When you take this quiz, you can start to recognize the type of difficult person you're dealing with. There are several types of abusive bosses and this app helps you name and claim what's going on.This is the FULL version of the app. We give you useful advice on how to deal with each different kind of abusive boss, and resources to help you figure out what to do next.In this app you will find everything from websites to report workplace abuse to books to understand in more depth about what to do. You will also find specific solutions to different kinds of workplace abuse. Get this app today and get the respect at work that you deserve.(If you would like to share stories of what has worked for you, please email us and we will incorporate these anonymized stories into Stop Workplace Bullying: Case Studies.)

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