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** IF YOU LIKE THIS APP PLEASE 5 STARS **The Street Fighter x Tekken Guide is the one and only way to have all of your SFxT needs in the palm of your hands at all times! Be prepared to take on the clash of the 2 biggest fighting franchises of all time with or without network connection!This guide was created by a die hard fighter fan for the die hard fighter fan, and it includes some of the most important information available for the advanced SFxT player. Look up purbeast on PSN or Xbox Live and let’s get some games in :)Shout outs to Avalon for making the awesome 100% user created artwork once again, and there is absolutely no official artwork being used in this app!This is the ONLY GUIDE that includes the whole package for all characters, including the 5 PS3 exclusive characters – Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, Kuro, and Toro, and once downloaded, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NETWORK CONNECTION NEEDED! All of the data is self contained in the application, with the exception of Videos and Forums.This guide will help both beginners as well as advanced players progress their SFxT skills to their highest potential!For all 43 characters there is a whole slew of information available for each character, including the following:- Health (currently excluding Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, Kuro, and Toro)- Normal Throws- Unique Attacks- Special Moves- Super Art- Combos- Move Data (currently excluding Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, Kuro, and Toro)- Frame Data (currently excluding Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, Kuro, and Toro)- Notes Section- ForumThe ever important Frame Data is included for all characters (except 5 PS3 exclusives) which will give you the advantage over your opponent, knowing what you can and can’t punish, as well as what is a safe move for you to perform! The advanced information will help you step your game up for sure. The Move Data will also give you the damage information, as well as how you cancel moves, and quite a bit of detailed notes, on a move by move basis.The Notes section allows users to create and save notes for each of the characters. If you learn something new about your favorite matchup, simply save it in the notes for that character! If you close the app or turn off your phone, it’s okay because the notes will be there when you come back!The Combos section lists at least 8 combos per character taken from the Trials, but in the near future an update with more combos will be included as the game evolves!The Forum section links to the specific character’s forum on the famous website. Pros often visit the websites and also contribute to the discussions, so it is a great place for a wealth of information.So what are you waiting for

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