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Stretch before you go to bed

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The "Wii Fit supervised training" thatExercise and Sports Trainers Association, supervised by the United States!☆ ================ ☆ ================ ☆fully compatible with au docomo SoftBank!"Stretch before you go to bed"~ ~ Can make the body less fat☆ ================ ☆ ================ ☆- Able to stretch the whole body in minutes [8] in the bed of your -Stretching, calorie consumption, but there are not many compared to such as running certainly, so loosen muscles are rigid in that stretch the muscles in the stretch, ♪ movement of the body is increased, energy consumption of the daily is up nature andIn addition, the part that is less likely to move properly with fat, I can prevent as well as "cold" and "edema", so well and flow [blood flow] of [lymph] In the pumping action of muscle ★---------------------------------------------★ (9 minutes and 33 seconds) recording program---------------------------------------------A. [Stretch] stretch of the neckTwo. [Stretch] stretch of the side of the bodyThree. [Stretch] stretch in the assFour. [Stretch] stretch of the thigh beforeFive. Pose of forward flexion in the sitting position [to do yoga;---------------------------------------------★ app feature---------------------------------------------□ available all the way!┗ membership registration, monthly fee, and does not require any additional charge, available for a long time.□ It is safe even in first!┗ can see from the angle, so movement of the exercise like 360 ​​degrees in touch ♪ carefully explained with the "voice of the Japanese" and "Video 3D" all, it is safe even in first.□ you can leave the record!┗ best recording can also be shared to "twitter" "Facebook" "mixi" ♪ results saved in "calendar format"!※ "Wii" is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

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