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##########If you get an improperly compiled error and your device is hdpi its not the theme its a problem with your device. We would love to be able to test every device but thats kinda hard############*********REMEMBER TO REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****************HDPI ONLY*********PLEASE LEAVE SOME COMMENTS AND RATE***StyGian Studios gives you StyGian Inverted Black Fade CM7.1 ONLY (Free Version). Well over 5000+ images themed!*********************************************************NOTICE...THIS IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY.....Rom: CM7 or Roms with the T-mobile Theme chooser included (We will only support CM7)If you need help just email us or post on our site If you give bad stars with no good reason you will be ignored!!!If you don't like it then just don't download it!!!!Please enjoy this theme as it was our first theme and is now making its debut on the theme engine!!!!!!!! For everyone to enjoy *********************************************************YOU WILL GET AN ERROR ABOUT ASSETS..SELECT APPLY ANYWAY...NOTHING WILL GO WRONG!!!Also New Market f/c along will a couple other google apps just reboot and everything is fine*****************VERY IMPORTANT********************REBOOT AFTER APPLYING TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING GETS APPLIEDEnjoy,StyGian Studios9 wallpapers are included ***requires "theme chooser wallpapers" app available on the market! More coming!!!!!!(more wallpapers coming as soon as dev updates the "theme chooser wallpaper" app. He is thinking about going to 20)Themed apps list:- All stock CM7 apps- Calendar and Calendar widget- Facebook- Stock ADWlauncher and ADW EX- Google Youtube- Google Voice- Google Plus- Google Books- Google Talk 1.3 with Video Chat- Google News and Weather- Google Voice Search- Google Maps- Google Voice- Google Carhome- Rootexplorer- Voice Dialer- Android Market- Spare Parts- Gmail- Quick Google Search Box- Voice Search- Rom Manager- Terminal- Dropbox- Twitter- Colorize Widgets (Set the Black Theme)- Lookout- Setcpu- Handcent- Tweetdeck- Protips widget- Bluetooth apkMore to come!!!!Much thanks goes out to Djdarknight (darkginger) as he made the intial build which we built on! Also thanks to bsthemes as some tricks where pulled off using synergy as the guide!!!!!!!!!!!!keywords:cm7, theme engine, Stygian, Black, Black Fade, Stygian Studios, cm7 theme, cm7 black

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