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Learn how to make lots of hairstyles for medium hair and make it always look glamorous with “Styles for Medium Hair”! Watch video tutorials and have fun experimenting with different hairdos for every occasion!- Learn to create lots of different braids and braided updos for medium hair!- Glamorous half-dos, hair-bows and other hairdos for a date, work, school…- Messy buns, ballerina and braided buns, and much more!- Sleek pompadour for medium hair!- Elegant wedding and prom updos for medium hair!- Everyday, casual and formal hairstyles for medium hair!- Cute party and curly half-updos!A casual medium hairdo is unstructured, free-flowing and easy-going. It's the kind of the one you'd wear to the mall, a walk in the park, or perhaps if you were heading over to your friend's house for some takeout and a movie. It may be daring, or plain and simple in design.Casual medium hair-styles are designed and generated with a low fuss factor in mind. Variations include precision cuts, razor Cuts and various layering techniques that allow the hair to fall into its own natural shape and form.Some great things about casual styles are their versatility and changeability: you can wear them in a number of ways, in a variety of shapes and styles, and you can change them totally on the fly.A formal medium hair-style can be described as tailored, structured, elegant and grand looking. It's the kind of one you'd wear to a formal occasion such as a wedding, prom, the Academy Awards, or any important function that requires dressing up. These ones vary from soft layered looks to one length cuts; from smooth flicks to pulled back half up styles. Shapes can vary depending on the haircut and styling technique of the day.Depending on the texture and desired result, a whole range of styling products and aids are used; for example, hair-rollers, curling tongs, ceramic irons, pins, and clips. Styling time varies from 30 to 90 minutes.They are great because they're not too long, meaning they won't get in the way and spoil gowns with higher necks or collars. They are also just long enough to pop up in a bun or a twist, without your hairstylist trying to work out what to do with any excess (as is the case with long one).A casual medium straight hair-style is one that can be described as free-flowing, easy-going, and one that falls into place on its own. This type can be worn as an everyday look at work, home, or play. These consist of precision cuts, one length looks, varying layer cuts, and razor cuts. Layered and razor cuts will require some styling effort, whereas a one length looks relies only on gravity to maintain the shape. Self styling for one length looks saves so much time. For medium styles, where the sides are to the shoulders, the hair can be pulled back for a sleek short appearance or to get it out of the way; or it can be put up to make the look more formal. This length is not too short or long!A casual medium wavy hairstyle can be described as free-flowing, soft, full, with lots of body and easy-going. These can vary from shoulder length graduated layers, to heavy one length looks, and even messy uniform layer cuts. When waves are natural or even artificial (permed hair), casual medium wavy styles are quick and easy to create because the waves and cut determine the shape of the hair. Waves created with curling devices and heat appliances require more time and styling products for hold. Some techniques you might like to try are simple things like ruffling, finger drying, and scrunch drying. The medium length of these also enables you to pull/tie your hair back- getting it out of the way or dressing it up more formally.

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