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SU Call Control provides you with the features to show rich caller information(Caller ID, Call Screen), to block incoming call and texts(Call Blocker), and to control incoming calls by motions(Motion Control).In addition, it enables you to change your phone settings and wallpaper depending on your situations with free plug-in apps (by installing SU Settings Changer).1. Call Screen with Caller ID : To show a rich information of caller for incoming and outgoing calls. (1) Rich Caller Information, aka caller ID - You can organize the caller's information to display selectively. - It includes nickname, Google Talk status, class, relations, note, organization, job title, group(label), addresses, events, last contact time and times and so on. - You can manage the information on Google website and your mobile phone since it is based on Google Contacts. - You can see more information by touching spin buttons if a column has multiple information. (2) Call Screen Themes - It provides various call screen themes. (3) Makeup Own Call Screen - You can design your own style to show call screen. (4) Quick Action : to launch apps on Calling - There are "block only", "hangup and block", "SMS", "Google Talk", "Calendar" and "Email" actions. - It launches the selected app with the caller's information without typing them. For examples, you don't need to type the caller's phone number or email address. 2. Call Block and Spam Text Block : To provide you a smart way to block incoming calls and SMS depending on your situations. (1) Multi-level Block List - It solves the problem of simple block list which needs you to modify the list when your situation changed. - You can make the various policies according to your situations. (2) Situation Based - You can simply change the way and the targets to block according to your situation - You can classify groups, contacts, phone numbers and rules as the targets to control - You can automatically send a caller the pre-defined message by IM(Instant Messenger) or SMS - You can answer, reject a call and mute the bell ring and switch the speaker-phone by motions.3. Motion Control : To provide you a convenient way to control incoming calls by motions. (1) By Motions - Type : pick-up, reject, hang-up, mute ring, speaker-phone on/off - Method : shake, flip, get hands close (2) Sensing Simulation - You can adjust the sensivility and the threshold to detect your motions. - You can test the features by running a simulation. 4. Extension with Plug-in apps (1) SU Unified Messenger - unified messaging service(messenger and text message) - Messenger : Google GTalk, Facebook, Jabber and so on. - Text Message : SMS (2) SU Settings Changer - managing phone settings depending on your situations. - Display : auto-rotate screen, brightness mode, brightness, screen timeout - Sound : silent mode, phone ringtone, notification sound, ring vibration, notification vibration, dial tone, audible selection, haptic feedback - Volume : alarm, media, notification, ringtone, system, voice - Network : airplande mode, wifi, mobile data, bluetooth - Etc. : GPS, auto sync - managing phone wallpaper depending on your situations.*** CAUTIONS : Some features depends on your phone feacture and OS version...KEYWORD: Call Screen, Call Information, Caller ID, Call Block, Spam, Text Message, SMS, Messenger, Wallpaper, System Settings, Situation, Mode, Changer, Plug-in, Motion Control, Flip, Shake, Proximity, Sensor

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