Sub Machine Gun Shots


A large assortment of Sub Machine Weapons with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular Sub Machine Guns.✓ Real gun sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real weapon sounds when gun is reloaded.✓ Shake your device to fire!The guns in this application can be viewed either in horizontal or vertical orientation. If you wish to lock an orientation (to more easily use the shake-to-shoot), please press the menu key on the gun screen. On most Ice Cream Sandwich or higher devices, this can be found when you click on the 3 dots at the gun screen. Many of these guns and their similar variations are featured in many video games or movies, such as Battlefield, etc. and countless box-office hits.Specifically, this app currently features the following weapons:- AK74U- KIPARIS- MAC- MP5K- MP7- MP9- MPL- P90- PDWR- PM63- PM9- PP19- PP2000- PP90M1- PP-BIZON- QBZ95B- SPECTRE- TEC-9- UMP45- UZICheck out all of The Gun Man’s applications:✓ Assault Weapon Gun Shots✓ Handgun Weapon Shots✓ Light Machine Gun Shots✓ Shotgun Gun Shots✓ Sniper Rifle Gun Shots✓ Sub Machine Gun ShotsCreating a soundboard app takes time and money, In order to keep creating great (and free!) apps, we are using a new search service to monetize our apps. With this service we are able to create more great apps for you guys. This option bundles a few search points (icon, bookmark and homepage) for you to use. You can erase these easily and with no effect to our app. Thanks!

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