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Sudoku gameSudoku 3000 not duplicate the problem is provided.Seudokuneun the rows and columns of numbers from 1 to 9, 3x3 box, enter a game that is not to be duplicated.The rows and columns one can enter the nine digits and numbers from 1-9 without duplicates, enterIn addition, 3x3 box, 1-9 to enter numbers without duplicates.In Sudoku game in many ways, you can enter a number in a cell. If you set the game in various ways mattangchi input mode, some of them may be disabled.Popup using the input mode to enter a number in a cell is to touch the desired cell. If you touch the screen to enter a number, a dialog box appears. The right of the screen using the button at the bottom you can switch to another input mode.Single number input mode, enter a number in the cell, the number buttons to select the cells you want is to touch. Pencil the touch of a button without the cell note numbers can not decided.Numpad input mode on the PC keyboard to enter numbers is similar. Touch the desired cell type in the numbers is Not decided a number in a cell, but only to note is when you touch the Pencil button.

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