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Are you a Sudoku newbie wanting to learn the game? Or a veteran who relishes the challenge of Sudoku? Or you just want to relax and have fun solving Suoku puzzles? If your answer is yes for any of these questions then look no further, the addictive Sudoku HD is here to keep you engaged for hours together!!Sudoku HD is designed to keep you engaged regardless of how skilled you are in sudoku. It provides 3 difficulty levels you can choose from to suit your skill level. If you get stuck, there is always a hint button to help you out. Clear and intuitive graphics makes sure that you can just pick up the game and start playing without any problems. If you are playing sudoku for the first time, SudokuHD is your best friend which helps you to learn the game. Guaranteed to provide you with a new puzzle everytime you play, you can play 10000 games and not come across the same puzzle twice.Do you have a Sudoku puzzle that you need to solve? Sudoku HD also provides a solver with which you can solve any sudoku game, just type in the blank board with the puzzle and the Sudoku HD solver will give you the solution for the puzzle. What happens when you get a call or get interrupted during a game of Sudoku? No problem, Sudoku HD will continue exactly from where you left your last game. You can just pick it up and continue from where you left.And to top it all, ITS ALL FREETo summarize, here is the list of features in Sudoku HD:* 3 difficulty levels - Easy, Medium and Hard* Sudoku Solver - Solve any puzzle* Timer - Records best time, challenge yourself to beat the fastest time* Hints - Help you and never get stuck* 10000+ puzzles - Unlimited puzzles, so you never play the same puzzle twice

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