Sulphur Yellow Theme for CM7


Brighten up your day with….SulphurYellow from Team Carbon… on CM7*** This theme will work on all devices Cyanogenmod Roms with ThemeChooser App ****** IMPORTANT *** NOW FOR ALL DEVICES ON CYANOGENMOD ROMS*** PLEASE READ ALL INFO BEFORE CONTACTING US ***Known issues section is towards the bottom of this information.Most comprehensive theme out there…. or in here* Check our our website for more info and useful downloads to complete your theme* Lockscreen theming via zips for metamorph Zip files available on our website* For Matching Wallpapers* Matching GoLauncher themes available* Completely different look and feel See Screenshots* Completely custom icon set* Nothing sacred… we will theme ANYTHING we can, Battery/wifi/signal etc etc * 300+ apps themed (icons and more) Yes really… 300… Themeing more with each release Want an app included…Please send suggestions to twitter : @teamcarboneam facebook : TeamCarbon gmail:* 7 different colours available check them out , SteelBlue, PoisonGreen, BloodRed, SunsetOrange, SkullGray, AdeaPink, SulphurYellow * Friendly and helpful devs ;)* Very successful theme from the SGS – over 10,000 downloads, custom roms)* Tried and tested by XDA community – Thanks to you all ====================================******* INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS *******1. Download theme, 2. Open theme chooser app in CM7.3. Select theme from the menu, and press APPLY.4. Reboot Phone5. Enjoy theme :)NOTE: You must reboot phone after applying/updating any theme in theme chooser.====================================*********** KNOWN ISSUES ***********If you already have a version of this theme from xda forum. You will need to deinstall this manually before downloading this theme from market. Market version will not install if you do not do this.===================================***COMMENTS & FEEDBACK WELCOME***Follow us on Twitter : @teamcarboneamFollow us on Facebook :, want to say thanks to the many people that have helped us along the way, with support guidence and icons, most of these guys can be found on XDA Forums… check out their amazing work-Dena994,Jumba,D3StRoY,LitePro,khiyatesh,R64,racerboy3801,corgar,superD,Idan73,Veveko,laurie9300,Gregtard,Toniacid,obsessionXYZ the creator of battey icon (Honeycomb theme),roverprince,djdarkknight96,paul_diddy,philman,pele roberts———————————–Keywords : CM7, Themes, CM7 Themes, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod, ThemeChooser, Theme Chooser, Theme Engine, Team Carbon, TeamCarbon, Pink, Adea Pink, AdeaPink, T Mobile, Tmobile

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