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A simple, beautiful weather widget for your home screen.Monitor your Davis WeatherLink station! SunnyDay puts the most commonly used weather data from your station right on your home screen, and a simple tap pulls up more weather detail, including a handy link to your station's page, or your private station's report page.Don't have a WeatherLink station, or simply want to monitor other locations in addition to your WeatherLink station? No problem! SunnyDay can take any location name (e.g. - City, State, Zip Code, etc.) and pull the weather for it. In this mode you will get a forecast for the next day and a quick link to the google weather page for your location for more detailed weather information.-- NOTICE FOR NON-US USERS --If you are using Yahoo as your weather source, then you need to input a Weather Location Code. I'm working on building in lookup support for these codes into the app, but until I get that completed, you will need to find the appropriate Location Code for your area. Here is a site that will help you: * Add as many widgets as you want, choosing between Yahoo Weather or a WeatherLink Station for each. Data displayed in the detail view varies depending on the data available per source. * Custom location names for your widget. Added your source but want the widget to show something other than your City and State or the WeatherLink station name? No problem. * Decide whether you want to display High/Low temperature information on the widget. * Use Light Text or Dark Text to make the widget easier to see depending on your wallpaper. * Widget can be re-customized easily, as well as resized in newer versions of Android. No need to destroy and recreate the widget just to make a simple change.Why make another weather widget?I was tired of downloading apps to simply display the weather as a widget and receiving 37 other un-wanted widgets in my widget selector. I like to keep my phone clean. Also there were no widgets that display data from a WeatherLink station.Questions, comments, or bug reports? Feedback is welcome, just send whatever is on your mind to!Neither br0xen software nor SunnyDay is associated with Davis or the Davis WeatherLink product, it simply pulls the requested data from open sources.Weather icons used in SunnyDay are the 'Weezle - Weather Icons' pack created by ~d3stroy on ( The icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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