SunTracker for Rosetta Lander


Check out the new Rosetta Lander Space Maneuvers application: approaching the comet CG/67P in 2014 a lander unit (Philae) will be ejected by the ROSETTA spacecraft, so that following a relatively short descent phase it will land on the comet. In this demo application – for mission analysis and planning – various, in theory conceivable post-landing scenarios can be dynamically modeled in helio-, geo- and comet-centric view. The motion of the comet along with the lander at a particular site will primarily determine the sun and spacecraft orbits, illumination, thermal, solar power and battery charging profiles and also the telecommunication scheduling during comet operations. Push the menu button of your tablet/phone for the User Manual and visit the listed web-sites for more about the ROSETTA space mission.

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