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If everyone was enamored of the time networkers, work synonymous with Bio_100%android and PC simultaneous release (flash)Shooter should be handed down as a masterpiece even now say more than 20 years have passed since the publication of version PC-9801, became synonymous with Bio_100%.Renowned as an excellent work that has been tightly crafted, in 1992 boasts a high degree of perfection about winning the grand prize free software amusement sector.Players will embark on a journey that instead of seeking to manipulate the Earth (Yamaboku) I Mountain battleship, I have fallen into a state devastated by attacks from outer space, a second home. Unplug it fought all the 12 stages is made up of fields of three sea, sky, called the universe, is the aim of ending the impression you want.To switch the screen size by rotating the terminal or higher resolution (800 × 480) WVGA is possible.There are two types of screen size and zoom of the original size.? corresponds to Internet-enabled ranking.? PC version (flash) the home page ? you Asobe Bio_100%? Revision HistoryVersion 1.0.6- If the results of the ranking outside, bug fixes that may rankings do not appear correctly after play- Fixed a problem where if you would stop gameplay- Fixed a bug that would crash after the start of the game have less memory modelsVersion 1.0.2- I support installation on SD card- Fixed the bug that the screen size can not be changed to standard size from the size of some larger models correctlyVersion 1.0.1- I pose is to disable or switch is released, such as volume buttons on the media? models tested[Docomo]  Xperia acro (SO-02C)  Xperia arc (SO-01C)  Galaxy Tab (SC-01C)  REGZA Phone (T-01C)  AQUOS PHONE (SH12-C)[Au]  IS01[Etc]  Eee Pad Transformer TF101? Please note that it may confirm the operation with the other models do not work properly.? I recommend playing in multi-touch enabled hardware.? Search for a wordBio_100%, bio100, superdepth, depth, pc98, free software, troubleshooting, STG,

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