Survival Guide (Pocket Book)


We bring to you the complete comprehensive Survival Guide(Pocket book) that has been used by the U.S Army and the best tactics to survive in the worst of the Situations.We have kept the Pages Darker(Black) in order to reduce Battery consumption of your phones/Tablets while you are in such situation,the application is compatible for Handsets and for the Tablets as well.We offer this application in offline mode, moreover user can install on sd card(2.2+).It is based on the Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70Following are the portions covered.Chapter 1: Introduction- Survival Actions- Pattern for SurvivalChapter 2: PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL- A Look at Stress- Natural Reactions- Preparing YourselfChapter 3: SURVIVAL PLANNING AND SURVIVAL KITS- Importance of Planning- Survival KitsChapter 4: BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINE- Requirements for Maintenance of Health- Medical Emergencies- Lifesaving Steps- Bone and Joint Injury- Bites and Stings- Wounds- Environmental Injuries- Herbal MedicinesChapter 5: SHELTERS- Primary Shelter

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