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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperJonathan Barton
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Halt the invading droid army!It could be said this is a clever twist on tetris, color matching and a gem shooter. Droids appear from the top of the screen and fall into the playing zone. Your job is to remove them using direct and powered-up attacks against them. As you progress more abilities and powers are given to you to halt the invasion.You will need to think your tactics through to make them effective. Some are direct and some can deal with a group of droids at the same time. There are defensive manoeuvres, for example slowing the rate of attack and rearranging their positions. As a bonus see if you can find the hidden powerful attacks to help you combat the foe.The built-in hint system will always keep you appraised of your developing powers, and it is always available when required. Make no mistake though, you will need clear thinking and fast reactions to succeed.As a free application this is ad sponsored, but there is no advertising during gameplay - it's just you and them! So, get to it and strike a blow for humankind!!

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