Tabata intervals is a very effective and popular exercise method. It has during decades proven to be one of the most effective high intensity interval training, HIIT, schemes. This app is pre-set to use the classical tabata intervals (20 sec work and 10 sec rest, repeat 8 times) but can easily be customized to include all possible intervals training. For example it is superb training guide to CrossFit, TRX, Sprint-training, Kettlebells, etc.The TABATA app is an excellent replacement for your Gymboss® timer.Easy and powerful. Only 3 steps to get you going:1. Choose your workout or add your own.2. Choose the interval length, rest length and the number of working sets.3. Push start and enjoy!The workout can be saved into a diary so you can go back and see your progress.The last workout setup is saved so if you want to run the same interval training as the last time. You are only 1 touch away!You get your Tabata score by taking the minimum number of repetitions you did in all of the sets in the workout.FACEBOOK is activated and it is possible to publish your score to your wall and challenge your friends, or to just show off.

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